Monday, December 19, 2016

Inspiration Board Games For Interior Design Cafe

you are back againBusiness Of Luxury Design we will see a  Inspiration Board Games For Interior Design Cafe The inspiration for the interior design of the cafe could come from anywhere within a very wide scope and not limited in accordance with the imagination of the designer. Inlah which looks at the interior design of the cafe this one, unique ideas for the interior design came from a board game. Who does not know the board game snakes and ladders? The game is then used as a cafe interior design concept as a whole.

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One of the dominant features in the interior design of this cafe is a game library made of red steel and wooden boxes striking high as 5.5 meters. Another feature that is not less interesting is a red metal staircase made of tensile steel perforated grid. Handmade hanging lamp designed by architect bronze hanging from the water pipe also complements the appearance of the interior design. Tata light not only meets the needs of the room lighting but also highlights elements of the building and intensely colored decorations on both the walls and ceiling.

Emphasis is also stood out was the re-use of building materials that appear kontas between white brick walls, raw metal colored lamps, and ceiling are black by pictures. The concept of board games or poured on the walls, colorful details on the furniture and floor chessboard. Blackboard wall decorated with shapes and bright colors that create the look of the cafe as the classroom so that evoke memories of fun while schools in childhood.


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