Monday, December 19, 2016

Interior Design Simple Casual Restaurants

you are back again with Information Business Of Luxury Design we will see a different side in the country of Indonesia the Interior Design Simple Casual Restaurants is located in Indonesia country, exactly in the little restaurant with the name jakarta Simple is located in downtown Kiev, Ukraine. The interior design is made with modern casual style. Although it is located in a building which is elongated with a length of 16 meters and width of 2.7 meters, the designer managed to make the restaurant appear comfortable. Dominated by wood materials, plywood, craft paper as the main material and its supporters, of course, the atmosphere in the restaurant was warm and homey.

The main idea of the interior design of the restaurant is "Be simple, eat simple", therefore the furniture and accessories appear simple but still unique. Such as a shovel handle door, rolling pins to book a drinks menu, the lights from the jar and so on. As an accent wall is also a cutting board in a variety of sizes and shapes that are combined into a unique wall decoration with a plain black background. Shown simple yet playful and imaginative.

Interior design for the cafe or restaurant is a long-term investment, so do not hesitate to get to see as much as possible. We of   ready to help you to design and realize the interior design of your dreams! Entrusting your restaurant interior design solutions in the selection of our professional interior designers. Our interior design services are available for Jakarta and throughout Indonesia. 


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