Monday, December 19, 2016

Luxury and Sophistication Aircraft peek Presidential Affairs

you are back again with Information Business Of Luxury Design we will see a different side in the country of Indonesia Recently an aircraft of type Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ2) landed at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport in East Jakarta. Indonesia is a country strong in parts of south east asia with pesainnya countries include Malaysia and Thailand, with Indonesia extraordinary mission preparing the strength of sophistication in the design of aircraft interiors Presidential Affairs

Aircraft Specifications Presidential Affairs Indonesian di

  •          Aircraft Price: USD, 847 billion
  •          Aircraft: Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ2)
  •          Maximum carrying capacity: 70 Passengers
  •          Maximum flight distance: 10 334 kilometers over a period of 10-12 hours
  •          Maximum speed: 871 km / h
  •          Length: 39.5 meters.
  •          Wing span: 35.8 meters
  •          Height: 12.5 meters
  •          Maximum flight altitude: 41,000 feet or 12,300 meters

Aircraft Interior Design Luxury Presidential Affairs for interior affairs, BBJ2 The aircraft is designed to accommodate 4 Class VVIP room Meeting Room, 2 VVIP rooms Class State Room, 12 Executive Area and 44 Staff Area.Dan Also, this aircraft can accommodate about 67 people, the estimated amount is enough for a President's entourage.

Interior space owned by BBJ2 are 25% wider than biasa.Hal version is due to air in the long-stretch 19.2 feet or about 5.7 meters Special Presidential Affairs panjang.Kokpit aircraft is equipped with advanced avionics systems such as double FMS (Flight Management system), a communication system Rockwell Collins Series 900 VHF comm / Nav double with DME (Distance Measuring Equipment), HF comms, the ADF (Automatic Direction Finder), GPS (Global Positioning system), MLS (Microwave Landing system) as well as radar WXR type weather-700x.

RI presidential aircraft also has a security system and communication canggih.Meskipun not described specifically, but the plane RI-1 is equipped with sensors and radar to detect missile threat warning that mendekat.Memang, the aircraft is not equipped with anti-missile capability, but at least the pilot can take the necessary steps to prevent the aircraft from the existing threats.

 The aircraft is powered by two turbofan engines General Electric / Snecma (CFMI) CFM56-7, each of which has a power 27,300 lbs and is able to make the plane fly as far as 10 334 kilometers, or about 12 hours. This ability is obtained thanks to nine auxiliary fuel tanks containing a total of 39 554 liters of aviation fuel.

BBJ2 able to fly at a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet, able to fly for 10 hours, has a maximum cruising speed of Mach 0.785 and a maximum speed of mach 0.85. The aircraft is also equipped with safety devices and fuel tanks have been added to a range of up to 10,000 kilometers.

With the ability to fly this aircraft owned, is considered sufficient to bring the President and his entourage visited the country exploring Indonesia and Friends ...

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