Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Luxury House Plans and Luxury Designs

Not always presents a luxurious residential home design should make you drain the pouch until it is empty. You can still play smart by looking for Luxury House Plans and Designs Luxury loopholes that cost lightweight but still able to present the impression of luxury in home design.

How do I create a design luxury homes that are not costly? Apparently not too complicated, bahkanbisa said quite simply, Here are some simple ways you can be your inspiration in creating luxury home design.

 1. Create a home is higher than the ground

Create the position of the terrace and the whole house seemed to be higher than the ground. Prepare at least 3 to 4 stairs to get to the terrace. The impression the house is in a higher position will make the home look elegant and luxurious. In fact, you can take advantage of the blank area below the floor as a store room.

2. Create a high roof

The house with the low roof position will make an impression on occupancy cost. To give the impression of luxury, you can add the high walls and the roof of your house at least each about 20 cm. Houses with high facade will seem more luxurious. If you want to add a dramatic effect more than 40 cm, the impression of a high berfasad house like this will further strengthen the fancy effects your home.

 3. Add the pillars on the porch

Porch with pillars both pillars of wood or made of concrete pillars with modern classic pattern will always be successful menghadiran luxurious feel. So there is no harm in adding a pillared porch on your luxury home design. And elegant impression will appear instantly

 4. Room full access

In modern dwellings, it is a trend model of a house full access without a sketch. In addition to making the house seem more airy, apparently home with this kind of style will make the house seem luxurious. Because the feeling of space is often attached to the luxurious feel.

5. Add a shape resembling a gateway to the interior

Want to give the impression of luxury on the inside of the house? Simply by making the structure resembles a gate, both in classical design of Java, modern design or design a Mediterranean style. The gate structures make your house like a castle. Adjust design, detail and size of the gate with the size of your home.

6. Use plasterboard pyramidal

For a broad effect, is usually recommended to install eternity attached to the roof frame, but for a luxurious feel, plasterboard is not only created by a simple design, but tiered like a pyramid, so there is an impression that makes a luxurious double decker. Avoid excessive detail so as not to give the impression of heavy roofs.

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